The Old Couple

18 01 2010

The old couple boarded the van. As soon as they were seen, one could tell the love and care they still had for eachother. Both husband and wife were no less than 60 years of age. The old man, especially, looked very concerned with his wife getting on the van then getting seated. He had hearing-aid on his old ears and still he was able to understand well the rather low voice of his wife. He had a stick too for walking safely. He seemed very concerned about reaching their destaination in time…all the time looking at his wrist watch. He was a bit aggressive and harsh with the conductor of the van but very humane in manners to his wife. The journey seemed to pass with an eternal feeling of love and affection they had for eachother. Finally, they had reached their destination and he was able to tell the conductor with a loud voice. This time again, while getting off the van, the old man had lots of cocern about his wife getting out safely. He gave a hand to help her come out unharmed. And then they were gone…out of sight but not out of mind.

This beautiful memory of mine still fills my heart with great bit of  joy whenever I  reacall it. I happened to observe the whole narration when I was on my back to GIKI, about 2 months ago. The Old Couple boarded somewhere from the outskirts of Islamabad and got off the van at Wah Canttonment. I was a bit astonished at first may be because it was a rare sight. Mostly we obsereve husband and wife quarreling with eachother at the later stage of their life. And the rest of the journey I was kept occupied with the thoughts of discovering the real reason why the Old Couple still had so much affection for eachother… Was it that they had rarely seen a financial drop-out and lead a contented life? Or was it that they had no children to take care of them? Or was it that the  realization that they had little time to care for eachother? (These were all the possible reasons I could think of). Whatever was it, no doubt it surely was a great reason behind it. But in the end all I could settle upon was that certainly they both had a beautiful innerself.

I am sharing here this one of the beatiful memories and I wish and pray that everyone could develop such a life-long love in their marital life. Ameen.

Keep smiling 🙂


Dejected Soul

5 01 2010

Sometimes in the course of time, when you deem it natuaral to welcome lots of happiness and joy, there can be some unwelcomed happenings…. The unforced and the unkind, totally brutle, shattering your emotions through you, leaving you at the mercy of your frustrated mind. Sometimes the do happen because the were destined to happen. Despite every good reason to avoid them, they are there to greet you with lots of sorrow and misery… And the only thing you want to ask is “Why so…?” That is what you can call a DEJECTED SOUL…

I wish this may not happen to anyone ever.

Keep smiling!

Eid Wishes to all :)

26 11 2009

Assalamoalikum! Warmest EId wishes to all the Muslims 🙂

Keep smiling… 🙂


How it all started…

25 11 2009

It was the time when I was in ninth class. We lived near to our school ,in satellite town,  like many of my class fellows and naturally we played together in the evening. The ground  was a big one and like pure Pakistani style, one could witness atleast 20 cricket matches and two football matches all at the same time… only that one had to concentrate a lot to watch the intended match because all of them were intermingled. There was a sense of sharing and a pure brotherhood in the ground… different matches happening side by side with almost absolute harmony among the people. Gosh! I loved that time and I miss it now.

Anyway, we fellows, initially, played cricket. We were all mad about it. But with all due respect to cricket-lovers, I don’t like to play it any more (though I like a lot watching the matches). And why is it so… that is the main point of my writing. I changed because circumstances forced me( a good change… I hope you people will agree too). I developed a huge huge liking for another sport that I had played with little interest earlier… FOOTBALL 🙂 😀

Oh! I love it…really. Lately I’ve been accused of being “football maniac” 😛 :P. But for information of some people, this comment is not a reveleation to me. You may check my cell’s welcome note… guess what??? Its “FooTB@LL CrAzY” :P. Yes, I am football maniac! Any objections??? If yes then “Objection over-ruled” 😛 😉

So I was telling you that we fellows played cricket and as Mushtaq Yousafi (a famous comidey writer) also describes it… “Cricket khelty to sirf 2 banday hein, baki sab dekhtay hein” and “Cricket vailay logo ka khel hai”…all this with due respect to the cricket players 😉 ( saying so again and again becasue I won’t mean to disrespect anyone). So this is what happened to me too. Returning to home at the evening I always felt that I had watched far too much than actually playing… Then I started a rather evil scheme… finding the friends who felt the same as me 😉 and it worked. There were a plenty of them. Luckily these were those days when Euro cup was underway. Lucky because our home channel, PTV, was kind enough to broadcast those live matches. And it reboosted my spirit of playing football. Afterwards, the FIFA World Cup 2006 added fuel to the raging fire…

All of this ended with me bringing a football and start playing at a corner of the ground with three other friends… That was sort of a rebellion from me ;). But what happened next was even more astonoshing…several other guys were attracted to the charm and magic of this super sport and without any direct persuation they joined us. Eventually, within a month or so, all of us were glued to football :). And in vacations we played in both the morning and the evening. The real charm in football was that everyone did get a chance to actually play it in the match.I miss those days.

And now here I am, a culprit of being a footballer :P. By the way, I don’t over-estimate my play but I like playing football as much as I like to watch the EPL matches (I don’t under-estimate my play too) . The one who correctly guesses my favourite EPL would get a surprise gift 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading my little auto-biography. Take care 🙂

Keep smiling 🙂